Partnerships and Communication Manager

  • International
  • London, United Kingdom

Partnerships and Communication Manager

Job description

Type of contract: Permanent

Location: London

Experience: 1 year

Salary: ~30k£ (depending on profile and experience)



Heetch is a ride-sharing app with a simple mission: we want people to enjoy their night out. Every night, our drivers are doing everything to make your ride, and your night, unforgettable and friendly: good music, candies and beverages in every car! We are focusing on young people expectations and compete with Uber on this segment.


The service has launched in Paris in September, 2013 and is growing very fast since then, with thousands of rides every night in France, Sweden, Italy, Belgium and soon new countries. We are now planning on opening London.


Your role

This is a role for a start-up lover, an entrepreneur and a strong marketer! Your goal is to reach new users and bring the Heetch concept to night-party-goers.

You’ll have to get your hands dirty from the beginning, which means:


  • Organize partnerships with clubs and other nightlife establishment for Heetch to be as visible as possible
  • Spend (almost) all your Friday and Saturday evenings in clubs to literally put new riders in our drivers’ cars (that’s how we did it in Paris, it worked well)
  • Main objective: Get as many new passengers as possible every week!
  • Work on our communication in London: Build a strong community, as engaged as possible (Social networks, Printing, Event presence...)


You are:
A total hustler. You don’t fold under pressure; in fact, you thrive in a fast-paced environment.

Passionate about going out and, London parties in its coolest establishments have no secrets for you 😉
A problem-solver; you have an analytical mind and can navigate obstacles on the fly in a thoughtful and logical way.

A charmer; you can easily identify and network with the influencers of a city.

In love with startups environment!

Fluent in English
And of course, a funny and nice guy/girl!



Availability: As soon as possible

If you love Good Morning England / The Boat that Rocked, we might like you even more!